Photo Walking Lanzarote Private tour.

Imagine to walk with your relatives while taking pictures, or shooting a sunrise with your best friends, or sunset with the person you are in love with. Think about having a professional photographer just for you. That’s Photowalking Lanzarote PRIVATE.

This is your tour if you love being with your family, your best friends, by yourself or in couple, if you want to feel independent and you love intimacy.

You and yourself can be the only participant, by following in Photowalking Lanzarote itinerary steps.

Book now your Photo Walking Lanzarote Private tour.

Departure days: all days

Departure time: according to your needs

Duration: max 8 hours.

Pick up: Hotel / Apartment.

Tour Price: € 240 per group max 8 person.

Rules and Equipment.

You don’t need to be a mountain climber, nor an expert photographer, but you must be in good health, without any kind of walking or mobility problems. Useless to say that walking and taking pictures should be some of your favorite passions . If you are a pro, we will guide you in unbelievable places and locations where you will have the chance to take unforgettable shots to bring back home, enlarging your portfolio.

Lanzarote has one of the best climates in the world, mild throughout the year, with various microclimates depending on the area. You might need a t-shirt as long as a wind jacket . Don’t forget a sun protection lotion, sunglasses, gym shoes or climbing boots (light, and low top).

No matter what type of camera you have, as long as it’s clicking and it records pictures. Whether film or digital it is the same.

If you are a professional photographer we recommend a tripod (fundamental in case of shooting landscapes, sunsets and long exposure) and five types of focal length : 15 24 35 50 105 approx or a zoom from wide shot (macro) to medium tele lens together with your favorite filters.

Photo walking Lanzarote experience is limited to 8 people maximum, in order to take decisions, plan together and move easily, always respecting the environment. That makes it perfect for small groups or families.

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